Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

Brilliant busy weekend.... Still SLEEPY from it though.... Friday night spent the night with my brother and familia (haven't spent any time all together in AGES!!!) Had the NICEST meal I've had in ages, (thanks Chris!!) and chatted and pottered lovely.

Saturday, headed down to Southampton for a gig with the band.... FUN gig for John Lewis - Lots of fairground rides and stalls (see left....) and gig was FUN.

Then amazing Sunday spent with friends.... Lovely walk along the beach, sunshine, good company, good chat, Yum yum yum yum! Then great gig on Sunday too.....Loveliest weekend I've had in ages..... I just LOVE being by the sea, LOVE spending time with friends and family....

Ah, it's the little things hey?! And tonight had a meal with some more of my favourite people I haven't seen in ages!! That's the end of the fun times - Working tomorrow night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday....!! Sleeeeeeeeepy...... x

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